Content curation is the process of repurposing articles from various sources and narratives. It involves detailed searching, sorting, and organizing materials that match a brand’s tone, ideals, and style.

Curation is becoming an important aspect in how companies communicate their brand values to their customers. Content such as articles, news releases, blog posts, or other authored content is pulled from various sources, and then published on websites, newsletters, and social networks. There are companies and websites that build their entire presence through pulling together content from external sources.

Sourcing quality content is becoming a daily activity as brands battle for visibility. What used to be an exercise in writing and marketing original content has evolved into sourcing, rating, and aggregating additional content. There’s no doubt that content is king, but with so much being produced, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out.

Visibility is becoming increasingly more difficult with so many online sources such as blogs, microblogs, and social media.

When aligning your company’s marketing strategy, it’s important to include a detailed process around curation and attribution. To be successful with your content curation, there are a few things to consider. First, use reputable sources and ensure articles contain quality and relevant content. Write attention grabbing headlines (avoid clickbait headlines, though) to capture the attention of your customers. Secondly, become a trusted source by sourcing material most suited for your audience and related to their affinities. Also, it’s wise to offer content on a predictable schedule so that your readers get their content when the expect it. Lastly, track detailed metrics related to your targets and demographics. This quantifies your current marketing plan as well as helps to predict future content marketing initiatives.

It’s becoming more important to share curated content as a way to stay engaged with your audience. Supplementing your original material with curated content is a great way to increase exposure. Providing a greater breadth of content and resources establishes a higher level of credibility, ultimately leading to greater visibility and network expansion.