The 2nd Floor Events website allowed our creativity to flow freely. With this site, we explored innovative navigation and user experience within a single page web application.

Key Points


This project started as a proof of concept prototype between us, the designer, and 2nd Floor Events (2FL). We built a simple scrolling site without any content that could flex and move with the browser. We then integrated their branding and added rich media capabilities to all layouts to create a fully-dynamic and engaging visitor experience.

Design & Development

Once we had the single page proof of concept up and running, we needed to start integrating the design and styles, as well as connecting the data, media, and third-party integrations. Designs were provided by Ben Motz with a focus on typography and colour. Images following the brand’s distinct style and tone were purchased or shot on site.

Since this site required a lot of animations and interactivity, we opted for a much simpler approach to mobile. This site is not responsive, but adaptive; which means that a different version of the site is served on mobile devices. This decision was strategic, and allows for a faster and leaner application when viewing over slower networks.


From a content management perspective, this project was extremely challenging. We needed to find a way for 2FL to have control over its content without needing to write any code. On top of this, the site needed to function properly on mobile. Working closely with 2FL’s internal team, we created a custom system for content planning and organization that adapts to the device being used. This allowed us to create a much faster site on mobile devices versus the traditional responsive site on the same platform.

Analytics, Reporting & Integrations

This application connects to various application programming interfaces, including: Google Maps, Campaign Monitor, and Eventbrite. Google Analytics includes custom tracking created for each full-screen panel and user interaction. This allows the 2nd Floor Events staff administrators to easily generate and compare reports.