We’ve worked with the Betterez team since the beginning and are excited to see their platform expand. This project was a particularly interesting one for us as it required an entire revamp of their existing website’s marketing approach and assets.


When we started this project with the Betterez team it was evident that the company had changed significantly since we developed their initial website. Working together, our teams established a direction that focused on marketing to specific industry verticals, while still being accessible to their larger target markets. It was important to us that the new site tell the complete story of what Betterez brings to businesses through the use of their software.


Once we had a solid strategy in place, we needed to refine the structure of the website. We devised detailed sitemaps, outlined database models, and produced precise wireframes to fully articulate every layout, component, and feature to be included in the final product. From there, we worked closely with copywriters to ensure that our information presented the story properly, in a way that felt natural and compelling.


We worked closely with the talented Rachelle Letain to create a design scheme that brought life to the Betterez story. Almost every aspect of the Betterez digital brand was reworked from the ground up. We established how new typography, colours, image treatments, and interface elements would appear; and created custom illustrations to make it all the more engaging. All aspects of the updated digital brand now work hand-in-hand with one another and allow for greater flexibility and organization. Now Betterez has a product that is visually stimulating, easy to interact with, and informative.


For the development aspect of this website we focused on creating something that is fast, flexible, and unique. In order to accomplish this, we started from scratch and rebuilt the entire website. To deliver a website that would excel on any device or platform, we worked meticulously to select the most appropriate toolset for the task. Some core features of this website include: incorporating an extendable content management system; engineering content to be related and discoverable; and creating a simple and immersive experience. During the development stage of the project, we paid a great deal of attention to the smallest of details, in order to ensure that the interface was engaging for site visitors, while still being intuitive for site administrators.

Integrations & Analytics

This website was built in a way that is extendible; now the Betterez team can easily add integrations as needed. The current build includes detailed analytics and marketing optimizations as well as lead capture, newsletter signup, and a simple sales funnel integration. It also incorporates specific social media sharing functionality with detailed social media channel integrations and insights.