The Betterez enterprise (software as a service) platform powers commerce solutions for the reservations and ticketing management industry. We created their online presence in order to market their services.

Key Points


We built a flexible content-driven marketing solution for Betterez that allows their team to advertise their product’s features and services. The system allows their team to manage every aspect of the application, including custom layouts, images, and rich media.


Betterez is styled around simple and colourful illustrations. Dylan “Dylbot” Upper created a collection of assets and images that allows their team to visually communicate their messages more effectively. Working closely with him, we incorporated a user interface and grid system that helps balance and unify every page and layout.


The development of this application focused on flexibility and content management. As this application is mainly focused on marketing, it was important that the Betterez administration team have the ability to create wide-reaching and engaging components and modules.

Analytics and Reporting

The Betterez application includes standard analytics integration which has the ability to collect, segment, and filter key metrics. It also allows for marketing campaign collection and analysis, which gives the Betterez team the ability to generate detailed reports at any time.