Bright Almond connects consumers to credible clinicians that practice complementary and alternative medicine across Canada. With this project, we helped connect the Bright Almond vision to reality.  

Key Points


Setting up a system that would attract and then maintain a multitude of users was our first challenge with Bright Almond. The website had to appeal to practitioners and students, and to those looking for further information on particular health ailments, medicines or professionals. With this ambitious plan, Bright Almond’s website needed to be multi-functional. Along with its directory of licensed practitioners, there is an abundance of articles, insider tips, and blog posts that are frequently updated. The focus for Bright Almond was accessibility and building a brand that changes the way healthcare is delivered to consumers. Another key feature of the Bright Almond application was to allow practitioners to create accounts that are searchable by users. We created a detailed search system that allows users to search by multiple criteria including: name, location, profession, and condition.


The Bright Almond application is designed to make finding a health care professional as simple as possible. We created  simple and intuitive search mechanisms, clean and concise navigation, and easy to digest content and rich media. It was important that each article, recipe, and profile look beautiful and engaging. We wanted images, photography and buttons to pop in high contrast with the other elements of the application. The simple brand identity was transformed into a detailed digital style guide including new colours, typography, modules and components. This gives flexibility to the administration team to build robust and dynamic layouts that function as a unified and cohesive experience.


Bright Almond is both a marketing tool and a practitioner database in one. The Bright Almond team has the necessary flexibility to edit and navigate their content and user management, and keep all data in one accessible dashboard. Within this application, a practitioner, be it a professional or a student, can create an account with Bright Almond and instantly be visible to Bright Almond’s wide network of users.

There are various customizations within this application, including different user roles. Additionally, the site features a practitioner dashboard, profile analytics, and other custom pages with interactive elements. The practitioner profiles, locations, and SEO search keywords are also additional features that have been created specifically for this site. Furthermore, practitioners have the ability to upload custom media for use on their profile, send network referrals, add social sharing elements, and sign up for the application via an ecommerce integration.

We also customized the administration editor to allow for dynamic templates and content management and continue to work with the Bright Almond team to push updates, research data and data analytics, and troubleshoot any user issues that may arise.

This project also has custom integrations with various third-party services including customer relationship management, analytics, marketing, and other software.

Analytics, Reporting, and Integrations

Bright Almond is active in more ways than one, so social media integration needed to be at the forefront of the website. Every article, recipe, page, and profile can be shared instantly. We integrated detailed search engine optimized keywords and settings as well as detailed reports around user interactions, which allows the administration team to test layouts and features. Because Bright Almond uses a third-party customer relations tool internally, it was important that its site data connect to its many sales funnels. We connected many areas of the application to their CRM and vice versa, to ensure that the Bright Almond team are always connected to their users and their users’ needs.