The camp’s ability to evolve over time is exemplified by the addition of new programs, including a sports academy and leadership training for various ages. Because of their large program offering, Camp Robin Hood wanted to be able to customize the way that these programs were displayed to users while still maintaining brand continuity throughout the website.

Key Points

Strategy & Planning

The project’s main goal was to create a website that embodied Camp Robin Hood’s new brand. In reflection of the camp’s mission of delivering customized experiences for campers, the design and content management strategy was built to give the Camp Robin Hood team the ability to easily manage and seamlessly transform the layout of the site’s copy and images as needed.


The design of the website also had to reflect Camp Robin Hood’s new brand. A focus on custom icons and a broad colour palette provided many options for a large content base. Since the main users of the camp are children, creating a website that was both engagingly visual for younger visitors, but also easily digestible for their parents was an important consideration.


The site uses customized administration features within an existing Content Management System (CMS). These administration features provide almost limitless control over the site’s content while allowing for the reuse of certain elements. This was done purposefully so that the least amount of time is wasted on creating duplicate content for various pages. Included as part of these features are six types of content blocks that can be embedded within regular pages in any order.