As an establishment, Camp White Pine has thrived for several decades, but their digital presence didn’t really keep pace—they needed a modern platform to stay relevant and the ability to produce new content quickly.

Key Points


We worked closely with The Connected Brand to establish a strategy that allows the team at Camp White Pine (CWP) to create a multitude of dynamic layouts around marketing initiatives. We also integrated the site with their booking and management software to ensure that the on-boarding process is as seamless as possible. This, coupled with the analytic information provided, allows Camp White Pine to plan successful marketing and advertising campaigns around customer acquisition and retention.


The design of CWP was created in tandem with team at Sovereign State. We helped transition the brand identity to make it digitally functional and flexible.


We built a customized content management system that allows multiple content types. Be it a blog article, a video, a photo gallery, or a rate box, the system will handle any rich media added to it. This site is responsive to the core, allowing for optimal viewing across multiple platforms and devices. This was a very important focus for the final product as the CWP audience ranges from children to adults interested in the Camp White Pine experience. In order to appeal to both demographics, a variety of images, colours, and video were created across the platform. Key considerations were taken in order to ensure that the high contrast, high bandwidth images did not slow down the application, keeping it as accessible as possible.

Analytics, Reporting, and Integrations

This application employs standard Google Analytics and has integrated search engine optimization and keyword marketing strategies. Additionally, we have integrated many third-party applications and services commonly used by the CWP marketing and administration team. Furthermore, we trained the CWP marketing team on all aspects of the website during its creation, as well as after the launch, and continue to assist in monitoring the platform in order to help their team navigate any issues.