We created a digital sales funnel for Desmond & Beatrice’s bakeshop business. With this site, D&B are now able to sell their products online and maintain control over product visibility, seasonality, quantity, and coupons. 

Key Points

Strategy & Planning

The goal of this application was to enhance Desmond & Beatrice’s business model and ordering process. The challenge in building this ecommerce platform was that certain products are only produced on specific days, within certain seasons, and depending on product quantity. On top of that, D&B offers discounts based on amounts at multiple addition and subtraction points. We wanted to be sure we could produce a product that would work for and within all of these moving pieces.


The D&B site was designed in conjunction with the beautiful branding of Kristina Marija. We helped determine user interfaces and interactions as well as account for technical considerations. This application is very unique in its complexities: a custom product calendar, internal bakesheets, and dynamic upsell capability.

The shopping cart is uniquely configured to allow users to choose their day, then select between delivery or pickup. This allows the D&B team to set limits on items based on availability, since not all items are baked daily.


To create this application, we incorporated various systems and open source products. Every aspect of this site has been custom built to solve business problems unique to D&B. We created a tailored shopping experience that allows users to shop for single products, bulk orders, or even grouped items and seasonal offerings. Within the administration panel, the administration team can set product variations, prices, and discounts.

Through the custom product calendar, products are offered within specific dates or date ranges. If a product is not offered on a specific date, it can still be ordered but at a higher minimum amount. Every product type within the system can have custom discounts applied to it, at varying amount intervals; which gives customers greater discounts for larger, bulk orders. On top of all these customizations, we also created unique upsell capabilities for offerings such as cards or inscriptions, should these features apply to orders being purchased.

Analytics, Reporting, and Integrations

This ecommerce application has many data gathering and reporting features including: administration purchasing reports, Google Analytics, and social media API integrations. Within the application administration interface is a full reporting engine showcasing sales in a variety of segments: overall (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily), per category or group, and per product. This internal reporting engine also displays usage statistics for discounts, coupons, and taxes. Outside of the administration dashboard, analytics are tracked via Google Analytics. This includes page views, as well as custom campaign and marketing initiatives. D&B have built a strong social brand and are very active across several social media platforms. To help showcase this, we integrated their top-used platform APIs (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) within their homepage.