After a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter, the goal of this project is to provide Digraphs with a website that is a modern and engaging space to sell the innovative Scrabble accessory. We crafted a site that is multilingual to ensure that Digraphs could easily expand into new markets. We also took on creating intent-based content that would spark consumer engagement to drive sales.



In order to help Digraphs meet its objectives we performed a market analysis and researched the technology stack. Working closely with their team to analyze and evaluate the target audience, we planned strategic content to amplify marketing initiatives. Additionally, we analyzed fulfillment partners to generate a seamless ordering and shipping process.

Information Architecture

In this phase, much attention was paid to establishing cohesive user experiences. We created a sitemap to take stock of what would be needed for the design and development phases of the project. We also created a data map to serve as a clear reference point for connecting data sources during the development phase. We built prototypes of both the administration and public facing areas of the site – the primary focus being the ecommerce capabilities, marketing, referral revenue generation, and content publishing. As the final website needed to be accessible on any device, we constructed layouts for both mobile and desktop.


The design of the Digraphs website is a direct extension of the brand. The site encompasses modern and elegant features, a simple interface, and a distinct three-tone color scheme with large and engaging media. These design components all work together making for easy navigation throughout the site and on landing pages.


When developing this application we incorporated fulfilment by Amazon and created ecommerce applications. For Digraphs, it was important to include fulfilment by Amazon, as this ensured that consumers would have the ability to order the product and have it shipped anywhere in North America. The system is also capable of adding new geographical locations and currencies which users can select, creating a seamless ordering process for all consumers.

Integrations & Analytics

The website has many data tracking and reporting features which allow the Digraphs team to understand their customers’ behaviors fully. Features include detailed analytics, social media API integrations, and campaign reporting. The Digraphs team now has insights on specific page views, behaviour, audience, and search engine results.