To capture the company’s tone and ideals we dug deep into their heritage and created a brand with an homage to the past, and a focus on the future. Welcome to the world of Distrikt 461.

Key Points:

Strategy & Planning

The first step of the project was to ensure we fully understood the history and ideals that shaped D461. It was important to create something that had relevance and excitement but also felt simple and timeless. The logo mark was designed to be connected to the company founder’s South African heritage while at the same time referencing the current landscape and location of the downtown Toronto office. We sifted through countless South African images, signage, fonts, shapes and colours to get a sense of the cultural reference. Much of this influence can be seen in the shapes of the brand mark itself and even more so in the complementary aspects of the brand.



Once we had the cultural references outlined we started adopting a colour palette and exploring complementary typography. We knew we wanted something simple with high contrast so we created two separate logo marks. One, a simple black on white with opaque blends between, and the other, a bright primary colour based mark.


Identity System

To be able to present the branding on a variety of mediums we designed a flexible system that would allow for responsive control. This included various elements like logo combinations dependant on duotone backgrounds, textures, colours and font combinations. This intentional approach gives the D461 team the ability to produce an infinite number of different layouts based on the components created. These design components have been used across the entire D461 identity and collateral.


Collateral Package

For D461’s full collateral package we created the initial logomark and logotype and accompanying components. We also crafted simple and modern business cards and a simple one page website. The site includes many of the system’s components as well as some beautiful animation and interactivities.