Evolution Food Co., had the products and the brick and mortar store front. We created a way for them to reach their customers within the digital space. 

Key Points


In order to thrive in Toronto’s competitive retail food market, companies need to differentiate themselves. Evolution Food Co., stands out from the pack by offering high quality products coupled with the relationships they’ve built at the community level. To reflect this through an engaging online presence, we focused on the company’s history and their distinct offerings.

We wanted the navigation to be clean and simple, yet dynamic. Evolution Food Co., (EFC) uses a variety of outsourced food delivery companies that needed to be included on the site without overpowering the rest of the design and central focus: their own brand. To work through this, we implemented a secondary menu system on the menu layouts that allows users to scroll to and through sections easily.


We partnered with a local favourite, Dylan “Dylbot” Upper, to create a site that is beautiful, intuitive, innovative, and responsive. The designs focused around the high-contrast photography, beautiful typography, and bright colours. It was important that this design reflect EFC’s brand and stay within the elegant system Dylan created.


In order to allow the EFC marketing team the flexibility they required, we developed multiple, reusable page templates. We also needed to create a dynamic menu generator that allows products to be created, edited, moved, and deleted. The menu page dynamically creates itself depending on the administration settings, giving EFC control over product availability.

Analytics, Reporting & Integrations

This application uses standard Google Analytics, enabling Evolution Food Co., to maximize their marketing initiatives as well as measure and report on user behaviour and interactions. We also made integrating third-party services simple and easy from the administration dashboard. This simple integration system allows EFC to manage their supporting vendors as needed.