Artistry, quality, and community are core components to Fotiou’s on-going success as a company and trusted supplier. We built a site that established them as a leader within the framing space.

Key Points:

Strategy & Planning

The first thing we observed with this project was its scale. We knew this application was going to include large data sets with various collecting, sorting and display features. It became evident in our early meetings with the Fotiou team that showcasing distributors to potential customers was to be a primary focus. The site needed to act as a one stop location for customers to search for, and connect with dealers in their respective areas. It was also very important that the application be scalable to accommodate future product lines and releases.

Information Architecture

Establishing a flexible application meant we needed to organize the content into individual components that could be reused as needed across multiple templates, screens, and devices. This included dynamic components such as searchable maps, PDFs, dealer profiles, filterable product galleries, videos, and form inputs. We created a detailed hierarchy for templates, text, and user interfaces while ensuring that the content was easy to absorb.


The design of this application was created by our good friends at Sovereign State. Our teams collaborated to craft a unique digital style and tone for Fotiou based on their existing brand identity. Based on the design, we incorporated content that was easy to follow and made for an exceptional user experience.


Simplicity and ease of use were keys to the success of this application. Our development team planned and built several administrative features which addressed the large amount of data that this application had to process. Additionally, we built multi use components, a straightforward user interface, and made the application compatible with all devices and platforms. The application also includes the ability to manage multiple subdomains and product lines, ensuring easy expansion of any marketing initiatives. Throughout the development process we worked closely with the Fotiou management team to ensure that each stage incorporated existing operational procedures, delivering technical support whenever needed.


This application integrated a few key software services including: Vimeo, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Places and social media sharing for a number of relevant social media platforms. We also included detailed analytics tracking capabilities for campaign monitoring, demographic segmentation, and custom actions.