We’ve worked with Garrison Health for years and were ecstatic to help them create a website that finally outlined the full scope of their capabilities, offerings, and accomplishments.


Working closely with the Garrison Health team, we took their core goals for the application and devised a content plan that would focus on telling their complete story. We separated various content types into silos that were then interlinked to promote a more organic navigation pattern throughout the website.


During this phase of the project, we established the exact navigational elements and visual composition for all the necessary templates. We created detailed data, user, and site maps to outline how each content type would be defined and integrated with one another. A high definition prototype was then created to visually communicate every component, interaction, and feature that would be included in the final product.


The design for this application started with a deep dive into existing assets – specifically those within the Garrison Health branding guide. We collaborated with Rachelle Letain to create a digital style guide with clean lines, bright accent colours, and a revamped typography system. We then extended this into the user interface elements and animation flourishes. Great attention was paid to ensuring that the final design worked across all devices and platforms while remaining intuitive, cohesive, and visually impactful.


When developing this application we were especially mindful of how the content would be managed and interconnected. We added many administrative customizations to the content management system to allow the Garrison Health team the ability to easily create and connect their data. This approach allowed us to create unique navigation pathways, providing a seamless experience for users to experience content without having to scroll to the top or the bottom of the page to access links. We also included a variety of features and integrations such as maps, social media sharing, live text search across all content types, client managed advertising, as well as lead and email marketing acquisition.


Since the previous website that Garrison Health had been using did not include analytics, they were unable establish insights into their visitor patterns. With this version of the website, we made sure that the Garrison Health team would have metrics and reporting that could deliver detailed page, behaviour, audience, and search result data. This included the ability to create, monitor, and refine diverse campaign tracking as well as analyze social media impact.