The creatives at Gearshift do amazing work in video production, editing, and animation. Our primary goal when building their website was to effectively showcase their projects. 

Key Points


It was critical that we build a system that was capable of handling a variety of third-party video integrations. Both YouTube and Vimeo (among other services) needed to be embedded across Gearshift’s entire application. We also wanted the user’s video experience to be interruption-free, and allow for users to browse videos without having to click into individual projects.


The Gearshift application was designed around simple shapes, lines, and a modern linear approach. We segmented pages into modules, components, and elements to give Gearshift the ability to create unique layouts and pages. This, along with the video integration, helps the team  market their services to potential customers without having to leave the website.


Gearshift’s team need the ability to create dynamic layouts and content to attract and excite new business. The site features multiple types of content publishing capabilities including various taxonomies that link content together. We created the ability to embed videos within all content types. This includes a featured video component on the homepage complete with detailed information and sharing capabilities. We also included an auto-complete search functionality that enables users to find articles or videos quickly and easily. Every article also includes social media connectivity, search engine keywords and meta data.

Analytics, Reporting, and Integrations

Each page view and interaction can be tracked and reported on; this includes all playback components and API integrations. Videos are incorporated within the site via both the YouTube and Vimeo APIs, among other embeddable features.