Due to an internal pivot in their marketing focus, we were tasked with maximizing and segmenting Gentec’s existing content and capabilities to better focus on a business-to-consumer model.


After analyzing the large analytic dataset from the previous website version, it was clear to the Gentec team that their marketing approach to consumers needed to be different than their marketing approach to dealers. With this in mind, we worked on a content structure that focused on filterable content that connected to brands. Each piece of content would still be accessible through various entry points of the application, but when grouped by brand, would seem more consistent with how one would shop or query with modern search engines.


Because of the size of the Gentec database, it was important that we documented and mapped every existing URL, data type, and point of entry to the website so that we could remap them once the new organization had been completed. We worked closely with the Gentec team to ensure that specific content and queries were adequately forwarded to the new URLs before, and then again after the development process was completed.


Working with large amounts of data can easily clutter an interface. We wanted to ensure that we created layouts that were elegant, clean, and modern, while still looking professional and functional. Another aspect of the design that was import was its subtle interactions. Multiple sticky headers, changing states, and animations bring life and excitement to each and every element within each and every layout. Everything was planned and positioned in great detail including the fonts, icons, images, and user interface elements. This was especially true for mobile, where great care was taken to create a seamless experience tailored to physical interaction.


WordPress doesn’t do naturally what we needed it to do for Gentec. We built customizations to make this happen both on the client-facing side of the application as well as the administration area. The entire experience has been tailored to suit the needs of the Gentec marketing team and their continuing content creation and management processes. Made-to-measure content importing and editing tools were created to ease the transition of the legacy data, while much of the frontend required customizations to the native behavior of the content management system itself. Each content type includes its own specific template and layout, unique to its focus and intent. Additionally, there is a wide range of rich media that can be managed and integrated into content parts such as videos, galleries, forms, social media, embedded files, and content-specific advertising.


The analytics on the Gentec site are designed to fit the needs of their marketing team and are fully expandable and feature-rich. Like many applications, there are multiple avenues to collect metrics and data. This application handles on-page analytics, augmented by third-party applications. By amalgamating these data streams, we’ve ensured that the Gentec marketing team always has the data they need, when they need it.