Idea Couture is a strategic innovation and experience design firm where design meets business, insight meets foresight, and empathy meets economics. We built their website to reflect this mantra.

Key Points


We worked closely with the Idea Couture (IC) digital team to bring their ideas to life. It was important to give the company enough flexibility without sacrificing simplicity and content management capabilities. We also collaborated closely with their team on the mobile user interface and interaction strategies.


Idea Couture has offices and clients around the world. It was important that those offices have direct access to content in their regional language. To accomplish this, we created a multi-domainĀ application that allows their team to translate content into any language and easily add it to the system. This ensures that as Idea Couture grows as a company, the application can expand along with it as well.


The IC design team delivered detailed compositions, structures, and visualizations. Together, we assessed the best way to integrate these designs and concepts into a content management system that was effective in its simplicity, yet robust enough to handle the dynamic layouts.


The Idea Couture application includes the ability to create and manage a variety of content types, modules, components, and rich media to create unique and flexible layouts. To achieveĀ this, we created a customized administration experience outside of the standard content management system’s editor.

Analytics, Reports, and Integrations

The Idea CoutureĀ application uses standard analytics to collect, analyze, and generate reports. This includes all pages and distinct sections of the application, regardless of device or browser.