This project involved a creative site redesign, upgrades to their ecommerce platform, and added features to simplify the shopping experience for retail and wholesale clients.

Strategy & Planning

The goal of this project was to give Leaves of Trees a better online presence for selling their incredible skin care products. We worked with their internal team on the new site and reflected the company’s main priorities and goals via necessary tools and features. The two major considerations for the site were creating a showcase for their products by redesigning the site’s look and feel using a modern and clean esthetic as inspiration. The site had to be easy to navigate and contain a complete catalogue of goods. The ecommerce checkout process also had to be simple and easy to use; one of the biggest changes was adding capability for shoppers and wholesalers to create and manage their own accounts within the site.


The design of the site needed to match the elegance of their modern skincare brand. Working with designer Rachelle Letain, we conceptualized a new site design and selected a chic typographic style, supplemented by a simple yet charming colour palette that extends brand. We incorporated unique global site navigation elements that simplify the user experience, and allow for all site elements to be accessed quickly and easily.

Each product also needed to be showcased as effectively as possible. To do this, we incorporated high-resolution image galleries for each product with zoom in capability that is activated by hovering over the image. The product pages also include a full list of ingredients, product reviews, custom tagging, and social sharing integrations.


There were several considerations that went into the development of the site. These include: an Instagram feed integration, a newsletter signup form, and integrated maps. The Leaves of Trees team can now incorporate global site alerts, toggle custom product tags, and easily manage the home page feature products, collections, and posts, all within a single admin panel. Through the new admin panel, staff can also now access previous order information, track order shipments, view and edit user information, and evaluate sales statistics. The site now features the ability to easily manage content to provide customers with product tips, administer press releases, publish company news, and update FAQs, as well.

Ecommerce Integration

To complete the site update, several functional improvements were made to the ecommerce experience. We added a custom shipping integration that allows administrators to set free shipping thresholds and adjust shipping rates. Additionally, management can now designate user types so that retail and wholesale customers can access specific products and product pricing based on privileges.

Improvements to how customers interact with the ecommerce platform were also added. We customized the experience by location so that users can make purchases in their local currency. The cart page now updates dynamically, removing the need to reload the page when an additional product is added to the cart. We also added a ‘related products’ section to help bring exposure to complementary products while shopping. Additionally, users can now update and edit shipping and account information through various custom views, making checkout processes more efficient. Lastly, we made it easy for shoppers to know how many dollars they are away from earning free shipping.


This ecommerce application has many data gathering and reporting features including: administration purchasing reports, Google Analytics, and social media API integrations. Within the application administration interface is a full reporting engine showcasing sales in a variety of segments: date-based (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily), per category or group, and per product. This internal reporting engine also displays usage statistics for discounts, coupons, and taxes. Outside of the administration dashboard, analytics are tracked and tailored via third party analytic applications.