In the battle for search engine optimization it can be difficult to maintain and grow ranking for services that include broad keywords. To help address this, PC Insurance created hyper-localized content for targeted regions across the country. Our job was to make sure that the content looked and performed at the highest level.


This was another project that brought the Nyeus and Mighty teams together to create comprehensive layouts and functioning prototypes. Mighty established the overall look and feel of the new pages, taking references from the current PC Insurance brand and expanded the visual language with a refreshed contemporary look and feel. During this process we worked closely with the Mighty team to ensure that all the newly designed features and components would translate properly to the browser and render properly across all devices and platforms.



The development of the final pages was created using a custom digital style guide tool we created. This tool allows developers to create elements, components, and final page templates that can then be imported into any existing system.

All frontend code was created and tested within the style guide tool before being exported and migrated into the PC Insurance site by their internal developers. Using this process allowed us to be agile and flexible in our delivery as we were able to code and approve elements, components, and pages independently without interfering with any production code on the website. The tool also allows for future iterations and expansions to any feature while ensuring the design system is consistent on every version. On top of this we were able to integrate the necessary third party application codes and tracking scripts needed by the internal marketing team to measure goals and conversions.