Key Points


The Relay Ventures team needed its website to be as modern and innovative as the companies to which it invests. Akin to their investment philosophy, we focused on the mobile experience and in providing access to information as quickly as possible, regardless of the platform. The keys to this project were organization and connectivity. We built a platform that was outwardly simple and maintained an elegant and engaging navigational experience.


Relay Ventures focuses much of its business on the mobile market and investing in companies that are truly mobile-focused. Leveraging this, our primary goal was to then highlight the user experience on mobile devices. Not only did we use this as our goal, but it was also our starting point. We maintained a focus on providing an excellent mobile user experience while ensuring that the final product would be refined and highly interactive for users on any device. Working closely with the Relay Ventures team, we created detailed wireframes and prototypes of the application and its user experience, down to the smallest detail.


The design of the site had to support our focus of making information as easily accessible to the end user as possible. In order to achieve this, we conceptualized a clean and minimalist design, with a balance between content and space. We adopted a simple colour palette, used stylish fonts, and incorporated both photography and illustration. Various templates and layouts were compiled to produce dynamic pages that unify the experience and seamlessly interact with data to provide a clear navigational hierarchy. This gives the user the ability to journey through the site content quickly and aids in content consumption and time on site.


The main challenge in the development of the site was to provide clear access to information, ensure site content interconnectivity, and incorporate rich media integrations – all without compromising performance. Templates, and interfaces were created with modern technologies allowing for coherent visual interactions and animations. Some key components of this application include: dynamic content loading and filtering, elegant and predictable navigation across all devices, and harmonious interconnectivity between all templates and views.


As with all the applications we build, analytics was of the utmost importance. For this project, analytic tracking implemented allows the internal marketing team to collect data on browsing behaviour; it also validates user experience and design decisions. It also serves as a baseline for future benchmarking, and helps inform decision making around future content expansion.