The food at Richmond Station speaks for itself. Our job was to ensure that their digital communications did the same.

Key Points


One of the biggest annoyances when visiting a restaurant’s website is a lack of information. When is it open? Where is the restaurant located? What’s on the menu? These questions should be easy to find. This was the simple, yet fundamental direction in creating this application. Also important to the Richmond Station team was having full control over their content and communications, including: menus, employment opportunities, opening hours, and operations news. We built an easy to navigate content management system that quickly handles all these requests, because as any successful operator knows, there’s no time to waste during the day in the restaurant business.


This application was designed to incorporate all of the various types of content and information into one single page experience. All content is separated into tabbed sections controlled by the Richmond Station administration team. The style is simple and typography-based. The user interface consists of  links, buttons, and icons with a contrasting colour palette. We also wanted to incorporated the restaurant’s brand identity to ensure that the look and feel of the website reflected that of Richmond Station.


The development of the application allows the Richmond Station administration team full control over their content. The application has been developed to ensure seamless and simple content management. Every aspect of the application can be modified and altered to fully support any and all marketing initiatives set forward by the Richmond Station team.

Analytics and Reporting

It’s important to understand where your traffic is coming from—especially within an industry that has so many seasonal offerings and menu changes. We incorporated standard application analytics as well as specific marketing campaign tracking which gives Richmond Station the ability to generate detailed segmented reporting when needed.