Share Your Strength was a bilingual, English and French, contest application that we built on behalf of our friends at JOIBOI.

Key Points


This contest ran nationally, in both official languages. This meant that we needed to connect two different domains, English and French, and include seamless navigation between both.

Strategy & Design

This application was a full-screen, interactive experience. It was fully responsive and displayed in all modern browsers and devices. Each section of the application was accessible through scrolling the page, or interacting with the primary tabbed menu along the top of the application.


Nyeus consulted on the technical aspects of this project as well as developing, testing, and deploying the codebase. This included researching suitable programming languages and databases, as well as crafting user experiences, interfaces, and interactions. This application is beautiful, informative, yet simple. The design is engineered to convert page views into submissions as quickly as possible.


As this was a single-page, dynamic application, we tracked analytics in a variety of ways. Custom Google Analytics were implemented in order to track page views and dynamically-loaded content.