SPiN is a globally recognizable brand with locations around the world. Bringing ping pong to nightlife, SPiN is vibrant, edgy and exciting. We were tasked with communicating their style and information digitally. 

Key Points


Strategy & Planning

Reproducing SPiN’s brand through digital channels was a crucial objective, but just as important was the site’s functionality. We created a booking and customer relations tool integration, a content management system and email newsletter sign-up forms that SPiN’s internal team can now manage with ease.  We also built in user-friendly capabilities which allows their internal team to make updates to event pages, photo albums, and news just as easily.

Each franchise location is unique: hosting its own events, menu items, media coverage and celebrity sightings; so we made each location its own site within SPiN’s main site. We built this multi-faceted feature to allow specific data to be controlled by each location, while keeping the global brand cohesive.


The design for this application was influenced heavily by the brand identity’s vibrant and energetic look and feel. We worked closely with SPiN’s internal marketing team to ensure that the application matched their existing identity and creative vibe. It was important that the application act as an extension of the brand.


Overall, our biggest challenge when developing SPiN’s multi-site was to match, and then communicate, its energy. As a multi-purpose venue that includes a kitchen, bar and entertainment area for ping pong, each location of and in itself offered a lot to its visitors. Additionally, with SPiN constantly expanding, we needed to create a site that could handle the magnitude of in-coming and out-going information and material.


SPiN’s business requires many different applications and software  integrations. For this specific site we connected third-party services for customer relations, email marketing and transactional services, as well as event booking and analytics. We also allowed for their content to be consumed from other services. To ensure that the administrators only need updating on administrator interface, we powered SPiN’s Apple iOS application from the website data. This allows for the marketing teams to update both applications simply and seamlessly.

Analytics & Reporting

When tracking analytics and reporting, it’s important that data can be segmented and queried efficiently to increase its value. To ensure this, the analytics were set up to track individual domains within the SPiN ecosystem. This means that the SPiN team can produce segmented, to-the-minute reports for each and every domain, or collectively if they so choose.