Station Events is the catering extension of one of Toronto’s best restaurants, Richmond Station.


The focus of this was to showcase Richmond Station’s foray into the catering business.  It was important the site feature the key tie-ins that go into creating a successful event, the purveyors, venues, and of course food, categorized and easy for users to navigate.


By design, the application acts as a both a directory for users and a sales tool for the Station Events team. Users can navigate through the simple page based application and browse the menu, past events, companies, venues, and frequently asked questions. Overall, when creating the app, it was paramount the app be useful. It truly is a hub for all things catering, offered by the geniuses at Richmond Station. And if users more questions, we made contacting the Station Events team as simple as a click, phone call, or live chat.


We wanted to make sure this site was engaging by using unique features such as overlapping angled blocks of colour, large bold fonts, simple and fun icons, and a distinct content flow and structure. It was important that we let the navigation happen organically by tying content together throughout the application. This lets the content be the focus and gives the user control over their path of discovery and exploration. For each content type and information being presented – food, venues, companies, FAQs – specific layouts were created. The Food section utilizes filterable tabbed content, companies are displayed in a grid of logos, FAQs are a collapsible list, and venues are detailed pages of everything from simple text to embedded galleries and rich media.


The development of this application was created using a mobile first workflow. Everything that we created in the design phase, no matter now unique, needed to work across all devices and platforms. To accomplish this we compressed and shifted many aspects of the layout to fit on smaller screens and devices – every layout, content type, image, video, and rich media embed. The end result is an application that stays true to the style and brand of Station Events but feels tailored and unique to each device and viewport. Other aspects of this application that were carefully thought out was the use of third party applications and services. We sourced and utilized products that feel seamless and fully integrated to the end user but allow the team at Station Events the greatest amount of communication and marketing flexibility. All this frontend flexibility would be nothing without the capabilities to manage and maintain the content effectively from the admin dashboard. We customized and tailored every aspect of the admin interface to ensure it was optimized for the Station Events business and team goals.


The reporting for this application is a combination of standard page and user tracking mixed with the integration reporting supplied by the third party apps and services. This allows the team to gather deep analytics around user behaviour and interactions while also building a customer base utilizing leads and submission details.