Running a business involves a lot of software. At Nyeus, we rely on a variety of programs to help us stay organized.

Deciding on the right software is important as the majority of our business is conducted online and many of our employees work remotely. Great software enables us to perform many of our day-to-day tasks, from business and communications, to design and development, in an effective manner.



We use Google a lot. In fact, our business uses many of Google’s services. Our emails, documents, file storage and backups all rely on the Google My Business service, which allows us to collaborate across a variety of their applications.


Harvest is the key to our operation. We use Harvest to track time, to invoice clients, and to run detailed business reports. The best part about Harvest is its integrations. It integrates with many modern web applications including Xero, our accounting software.


Xero makes keeping track of our books effortless. Invoices are automatically sent to the app where they can be quickly tracked and reconciled. With invoices and expenses matched to the entries through our bank feeds, our books are always very organized and clean. Having consistent accounting records makes it possible to better manage cash flow, as well as to analyze sales and expenses. Plus, your accountant will love you for not handing over a shoebox of receipts during tax time.


From sales and marketing, email and collaboration, business process, finance, and human resources, Zoho has a large suite of products and tools to choose from. We use Zoho for their customer relationship management (CRM) tool that keeps our contact lists up-to-date and organized. Zoho connects with a massive list of other software services and is free for up to ten users, making it a great bargain for smaller teams.


We use PandaDocs for sending project proposals to potential and returning clients. It’s fully customizable, secure, and allows our clients to digitally complete and sign documents. This keeps our sales efforts paperless, and managed within a single platform.


Part of our job is managing content and other sensitive data for ourselves and our clients. This means that we have a lot of different passwords and credentials. 1Password is a fantastic application for generating, storing, and managing passwords. The new 1Password for Teams edition allows us to easily manage user access among internal team members and clients alike.

Project Management


Asana is our main project management tool. it’s our key piece of software for organizing projects, assigning tasks, and keeping track of day-to-day work throughout the studio.


It can be tough to keep up with a remote team with just a messaging app. Skype allows us to call one another anywhere in the world with confidence.


Slack is a great communication tool and information aggregator. It keeps everyone on our team connected through different communication channels and allows us to integrate many of our third-party apps and services.


Adobe Creative Cloud

We create a vast array of creative products from printed objects to digital applications. Having the ability to shift from one type of project to another is where the Creative Cloud suite of products shine. It also has great fonts, stock photography, and access to the Behance creative community.


Sketch is our digital wireframing and design application tool. It makes creating high fidelity compositions for websites and apps virtually seamless. Its design properties and asset management mimic that of development, especially as far as HTML and CSS are concerned.



Beanstalk is our choice for hosting our Git code repositories (used as a source code management system). We chose Beanstalk for its all-in-one feature set. In addition to hosting these code repositories, Beanstalk makes deploying this code to multiple servers very straightforward.


Local server environments can be tricky to setup and maintain, especially across a team using multiple computers. MAMP takes much of that difficulty away. It ships with everything one would need to get a local server environment using Apache, MySQL, and PHP set up quickly and easily.


For today’s developers, using Terminal is a must. Many languages require project dependencies that are published through a package manager, or build tool. We use terminal on a daily basis, in almost every project we work on.


Tower is a graphical user interface (GUI) for using Git. It can save time when jumping quickly from project to project. Many of the Git commands can be executed from a command-line interface like the terminal as well, but we’ve found that Tower’s interface allows us to manage our development workflow more seamlessly. It’s especially nice for designers or junior developers new to Git.


In order to design and develop mobile applications on iOS devices, you’ll need to use Xcode. It’s a requirement in order to build, bundle, and ship applications through iTunes Connect and eventually, to the Mac App Store and the App Store for download..


Every project we create must be reviewed and tested across a wide range of devices, operating systems, browsers, and screen sizes. BrowserStack allows us to run concurrent tests in single, user-friendly online application. This saves time and is much more cost effective as compared to purchasing the vast range of devices needed, especially for older devices that are no longer for sale in the retail market.


We often send targeted campaign emails to clients. MailChimp’s content editor allows you to tailor a message, with your own branding and style. They also provide a host of post-sending data including: analytics, click tracking, and other subscriber data. Pick a design, write your content, choose your recipient list, and start sending professional email communications to your clients.


Mandrill is a product developed by MailChimp that provides the infrastructure to send transactional emails. It provides a robust API for developers, is scalable, and secure. Just like MailChimp, messages are fully customizable, and provide a wealth of analytics.